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Ihar Yakimau


 Ihar Yakimau is Los Angeles based actor, filmmaker and model. He's been started his acting career in 2020 and in same time began to attend the acting classes at Graham Shiels Studio.

 Ihar Yakimau is bilingual, he speacks English and Russian languages and also practicing his German. 

 Being in sport for all his life making Ihar very easy to maintain his physical condition. He played professionally soccer and compete in almost all existing sports on an amature level. 

 Having big life expierience gives Ihar advantages to play almost any role in any genres.

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Phone: +1 224 500 54 02



Height: 6'0                Weight: 185 lbs

Eyes: Blue                Shirt: Medium

Sleeve: 33                Neck: 15

Jacket chest: 42       Jacket lenght: R

Waist: 33                  Inseam: 32

Shoes: 10 (E)          Hat: 7 1/8

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