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Acting (16):

Batman (short film, VQ Holliday, 2021)    role: Thug

Sugar Beach ( movie, Noely Mendoza, 2021)    role: Soccer player

Finessessing (TV show, Rafael Ragland, 2022)    role: Richard

Babylon ( movie, Damien Chazelle, 2022)   role: Soldier

Baby steps (movie, Stewart Wade, 2022)   role: Dining waiter

Piece of paper (short film, Qin Qin, 2022)    role: Harlan

Rustic man (short film, Alonso Titus, 2022)    role: Rustic man

The shrine of faded beauty (short film, Kayland, 2023)    role: Father

Yaysh (promo, Yaysh, 2023)     role: Ivan

Bedside ( Short film, Shufan Zhang, 2023)     role: Raymond

Artificial intelligence (short film, Shunran Tao, 2023)   role: Nick

buried in the backyard (TV series, season 5, episodes 507, 508) roles: George Hamilton, Rock Fam Dad

Golden Era production (TV series, 2023)

The wrong choice (short film, Ihar Yakimau, 2023)    role: Jeff

A nap (short film, Ihar Yakimau, 2023)    role: Dreamer

The nechrophile (short, Gulim, 2024) role: Nick

Directing (4):

A nap (2023)

The wrong choice (2023)

New life (2023)

Human (2023)


Hommeface (2020)

Sixthreezero (2022)

The Night Fall Group (2023)

Golden era project (2023)


Casa recovery (2024)

Scientology film production (2024)

Spectrum (2024)


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